Mental Harresment by recovery agents of kotak mahindra bank

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Harassment Complaint  Complaint Date : April 8, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam, This is to inform that I Jinit solanki had a credit card from ABN AMRO BANK card in 2007 which I have never applied and someone else miused the card and there is a huge outstanding on this credit card

Now I am getting HARRASING THREATS KOTAK Bank recovery team from 61988359 MS NEELAM seeps branch andheri (e).
They are continously calling on my landline and my relatives and my other office associates like my collegues and my boss for the payment. Today I got around 150 calls in 1 days and that is happening with me from last 1 week . I have got around 600 calls this weeks for the same . This is kind of bad service Kotak bank is giving.
Your executives are behaving like gundas and they are not able to listen to anyone. They are continiously giving bad and abusive words on phone and asking my relatives and other people to pay my dues.
I have explained it to the bank before that I have no dues left with bank . I will file a complaint with police regarding your recovery team as I have there address. They are mentally torturing my relatives and other people who have nothing to do with this.
Mr Uday Kotak please take serious actions against your recovery agents as I have filed a complaint with consumer court and also with RBI for the same
This is not just happening with me but will all the credit card holders of ABN amro that your bank is troubling neccesaary.please take necessary action against those resonsible for harressing mentally the customer.
If I get more calls from your recovery agents. Your company will be responsible for there actions and not me as they are uncessary harressing and troubling me without reason
I want you to take some strict action against the offenders and they are acting against rbi rules. Please take some serious action and urgently.


Jinit Solanki - 9820786307

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    The was a card taken from ABN amro in 2003 from the bank which was paid up by cash with final settlement in 2006 that is 10 years ago where the bank has not clear in their system and have also spoiled my CIBIL score and Now these recovery agents are calling back to back "Nasim Shaik : from Phinox recovery and when asking for details they sending the details of 2003 of unpaid amount which I had informed that it was paid by cash as settlement thee are also calling my relatives and my other office, my colleagues for the payment and using harsh and foul language "We know where you live and your mother lives we will come there for recovery " this is not accepted . I have also written a mail to them but have not got any reply but the calls are yet coming and when asked them to reply the mail they using foul language and asking to come to the bank and talk. I dont think a bank or a recovery company work in this way and as per RBI norm you cannot discuss your details with any one else and you cannot call anyone else to recovery the payments expect the client.


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    Mental Harresment by recovery agents of kotak mahindra bank.


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