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Fraud Complaints  Complaint Date : July 2, 2019

Complaint Against / To : [email protected]

42 Park Avenue,Barbourne,
Worcester, United Kingdom.
Contact Number : +44 2030956407


Dear Esteemed Beneficiary : Christo Naveen

We acknowledged receipt of your mail and the contents noted. Firstly, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am {Dr. Veronica Amen } ,Coordinating Officer of the SAMSUNG MOBILE COMPANY PROMO 2019, Great Britain Department. I am in charge of Local/International beneficiaries who fall into this year's promo compensation list, More so, my duty is to process and facilitate the release of your funds and promo compensation from the SAMSUNG MOBILE COMPANY amounting to GBP 500,000 (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS) As you may likely to know! Your winning fund in India currency is approximately {3 Crore 60 Lac} .

It was Resolved and Agreed upon that your Fund would be released on a special method of payment, which tag Name Reads Master-Card, this method of payment is designed by the SAMSUNG MOBILE COMPANY to avert stoppage of fund by Some Agencies, either through Anti Terrorist Certificate or other certificates, This office has Been Mandated to take charge of the Issuance of your payment worth the sum of £500,000 GBP. which is {3 Crore 60 Lac INR} Three crore Sixth lac india rupee.

The Delivery/ Insurance charges of your Card has been covered by this office and your only financial commitment in this transaction is to pay the REGISTRATION FEE of your Master-Card to the (I.M.F) International Monitory Founds India, the registration of your Card is highly necessary due to the fact that without registering your Card with the India Government; your card would not be able to function in India.

The salient features and the eligibility criteria for issuing these card are given below:

Daily Transfer/On-line Shopping limit: Rs. 200,000
Daily cash withdrawal limit: Rs. 300,000
Total Daily limit in India: Rs. 500,000
Insurance Protection: Against Fire and Burglary
Customer Assistance: 24 x 7 Platinum customer center

Your payment parcel that its to be delivered to you contains all of the following items:

1.) Your Award Winning Prize £500,000.00 GBP. which is {Rs. 3 Crore 60 Lac INR} Via {Master Card}
2.) Affidavit of payment eligibility.
3.) Documents covering source of Payment.
4.) Alpha Bank documents, with description on how to make use of your Card.
7.) One ‎Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone.
Travel summary
Alan R Brand
Outbound - Tuesday 2nd July 2019
United Kingdom
8:55 pm
Tuesday 2nd July 2019 (GMT+1)
Time in London, UK India
9:15 am
Wednesday 3rd July 2019 (IST)
Time in India

British Airways
World Traveller
You are to make yourself available at your given address in your city on the arrival date ( 3rd July 2019- 9:15 AM (INDIA TIME) to avoid delay in the process for delivery of your parcel, as you will be the only one to sign and collect your parcel....Please, do cooperate fully with ALAN R.BRAND.

Please be warned: you are advised to keep your winning information confidential from general public we do not allow beneficiary to send their friends or relatives to pick-up their parcels on their behalf due to security reasons.

Note: All delivery charges has been dully paid over here in UK while you will be responsible for any local charges to be incurred by the delivery officer in delivering your Master Card to you in India( ALAN R.BRAND), the only payment you are to pay is the amount of( Rs. 18,800 INR ) for the registration of your Card with the Indian Government, the payment has to be made to the IMF Department in Delhi so when the delivery officer get to the IMF office he will contact you and give you the necessary information to proceed.

On behalf of the entire crew of the SAMSUNG INTERNATIONAL WORLD PROMO 2019, Great Britain Department at this point i will say to you once again congratulations.

In Service
Dr/Mrs. Veronica Amen

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