Fraud and Cheat by VLCC and their staff Pratibha

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Fraud Complaints  Complaint Date : March 8, 2021
I visited the VLCC wellness centre ,Gk2 in month of Jan '21, and gave the amount of Rs.35,500 to them for service of weight loss treatment which was to be executed after 4 days of visiting them. They failed and refused to give me the service for which I paid them due to medical condition I have on my skin.

During my consulation visit, the consultant Ms.Pratibha in her 1.5hours of discussion about side-effects of the service, pros and cons, she never mentioned about any refund policy or did not make me meet any doctor who could tell me during the first visit itself, that they cannot give me service due to medical reasons. Hence, I would have not paid them on on first go after endless conversation. She emphasized more on customer satisfaction and that VLCC does not work for your money. There was no bill or any other details been given by them.

But on the day of service execution, the doctors there at the centre refused to give service reasoning it medical condition. And now they are not refunding my money back for the service they have refused to give. They are giving NO REFUND POLICY as an execuse.

The entire conversation with VLCC is attached in the trail mail here for your reference. They have done huge fraud with me and have cheated me by taking my money and not giving service for it.

Its stressing as being haraased by VLCC, and hence it is adding to my depression, as I have to make the payment for my ongoing medical treatment for every month which is way too expensive. 

Return my money back
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    iftikar khatib

    complaint against service by iftikar khatib:

    Dear VLCC Team,

    This is to bring to your notice that my problem is not yet solved. And the disgusting Ms. Pallavi from Chembur VLCC called and said she will arrange for an evening session with the morning therapist who used to attend me. When I went today 18th October 2023 they are giving me a new therapist for which I am not ready for it. Can you resolved the issue or transfer my balance session to Bandra VLCC.

    Awaiting for your reply and action to be taken with Ms. Pallavi.

    Mr. Iftikar Khatib


    Debashree Das

    Fraud- Vlcc wellness centre kalyani nagar by Debashree Das:

    I visited the vlcc centre and paid 23000 for my weight loss program i went there for 8 days and aftr that I could not go due to personal reason and now they are saying the plan will expire tomorrow and I have to pay 12000 more to extend my membership. This was a stupid weight loss program wherein I didn't reduce 1 kg also so why should I pay 12000 more. It would be helpful if you can help in extending my program for 3 months so that I can avail the services for which I already paid



    Consumer fraud by Kirana:

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    i was cheated by one of your branches and billed for the wrong service I went to VLCC for weight loss management and offer specially asking for cold sculpting but what happened was he explain to me about goals club sculpting and is topic went of grid which I did not realize and coxed me to signup for the sessions which are provided by VLCC for contoring and skin tightening that is 4999 and included other treatments of worth 22225 but in the and I ended a paying a 26225 total for the treatment and 2 sessions later i found out that it is not the treatment i ast for at all. I was not aware of I thought it was cool sculpting and these are the things which are necessary to do cool sculpting but after 2 days when I went in 3rd day I got to know that the treatment is completely different and it's not what I ask for and staff refuses to admit it is different from what he explained and said that this is what he told me about if there was anything different I would have written it or in a paper and also tried to cox me to get laser hair removal and I refuses but the coxed me into paying 1000 as down payment for it so in the end in total scamed me 27225 I have even sent 3 legal notices for which I had to pay legal charges separately and now they are accusing me of distorting the facts when they are the people who are not telling the complete facts


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