Byju’s tutions for grade 10 - only 3 months service provided, taken a down payment & 9 months in

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Education Complaint  Complaint Date : February 26, 2024
  • State :  Kerala
  • City :  Irinjalakuda
  • Address: Ganga, Christ College Rd, Opposite AKP Metals
Iam writing with regards to my unfortunate association with M/s Byju’s in July 2022 for tutions for my daughter for Grade 10th board preparation. Byjus classes started from August 2022 and stopped in October 2022, ie I have received only 3months of service from M/s Byju’s and after timely notification to the Byju’s team in November 2022 they continued to deduct Rs 2753/- continuously for 9 months. After 9 months i had given instructions to stop payment towards Byju’s and due to this my CIBIL has drastically been affected.

M/s Byju’s marketing representative Mr. Anand Thripati’s repeated request to take a three-year program, starting with a trial program for grade 10 convinced me to take this service. I had clearly briefed Mr Anand that my daughter does not study in India, so this program might not work for her. He advised me to go for a monthly payment scheme from byjus wherein I can discontinue anytime if this program does not work for my daughter. I was never briefed / explained by Mr. Anand Thripati or his lady colleague that monthly fee payment is towards loan repayment. Only in July 2023, after receiving calls from IIFL I understood that M/s Byju’s had arranged this as a student loan.

As briefed by Mr. Anand Thripati, the program started in mid-August 2022 and was working fine until November 2022. From November 2022, The Think and Learn application stopped working. This was informed to M/s Byju’s assigned mentor Ms. Aishwarya by several emails and phone calls to the student helpline, but they failed to resolve the issue. Since I was not receiving any support from M/s Byju’s team, I had to provide local tuition for my child in addition to the amount that was getting deducted from my bank account.

 I was not aware of the deduction in my bank account.Only in March 2023, I noticed that payment of Rs 2753/- was continuing to get deducted towards M/s Byjus, even after informing the team about the non-performance of the application. Accordingly, I sent an email to the Byjus team, in March 2023 informing them of the same and asked to arrange a call back from their Accounts team, but received no response. Similar emails were sent in April 2023, May 2023 and June 2023. I also contacted M/s Byju’s Dubai offices and they replied that they have arranged a call back from the accounts team. But I received no response.

I have already paid the following for receiving only 3months of service from Byjus.

Down payment in jul 2022 - Rs. 5000/-

Monthly installment
deducted from my bank
account Rs 2753 x 9months
(October 2022 till June 2023) - Rs. 24,777/-
TOTAL Rs. 29, 777/-

My grievances are as below;

1. Paid Rs 29,777 for 3 months of services from Byjus. I request to provide a refund for the same

2. Byju’s involvement with a third party finance company M/S IIFL was not briefed or explained by the Byju’s sales personnel Mr. Anand Thripati in July 2022. This has drastically effected my CIBIL rating. Therefore I request your help and support to conclude this matter without any negative effect to my CIBIL rating.

3. request clearance certificate from M/s IIFL.

4. Compensation for my time and humiliation received by the IIFL FINANCE TEAM Representative Mr. Arun

Thank you,

Prithi Rajeev
Complaint Against / To: Byjus and iifl

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