Complaint against DISH TV regarding antenna fell below

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DTH TV Complaint  Complaint Date : March 19, 2019

Complaint Against / To : dish tv

I had reinstalled Dish TV in August 2018. I was told that this antenna will not fall at any cost. On March 17, due to light wind, its antenna fell below the fourth floor. Because of this, some people standing below have been injured.
I made a complaint on the evening of 17th of March on the number given by Dish TV. But no satisfactory answer was given on the phone four times. Whenever I called, I was asked to call half an hour later. I was also told that the call will be back after half an hour. But that too has not been done. I was also told that the call will be back after half an hour. But that too has not been done.
On the morning of March 18, I called again. Desire to talk to a senior officer. But I was kept in the enguage for a long time. This happens around three to four times a day. But they did not talk to me any senior officer. Every time they assured the call back in half an hour. But, no calls were made. On the evening of 18, they called me due to my strict attitude. For the first time, there was no talk of keeping inguage for about 8 minutes. For the second time, a senior officer talked to me by keeping inguage 15 minutes. He told me that it will overall cost around 900 rupees. After this your antenna will be replaced again.
Due to such problems and hearing their bitter words, those who have been hurt by Antenna's fall. I'm mentally disturbed. I have also spent money on people injured with antenna.
Let me tell you here that there are many antennaes on the fourth floor and in the surrounding area. But all are fine.
Now the question arises
1. There are many antenna around my appartment. But there was no damage to anyone. Why did my antenna drop down?
2. When the company is not confident about the strength of Antenna, why it is put on the roofs. In such a situation, there can be a big accident anywhere ?
3. If there is any harm to the negligence of the people of the company, will the customer be responsible for it?
4. If the company installs antenna on a roof, why not see damage caused by it ?
5. Why do I suffer financial loss due to the mistake of the people of the company?

I need compensation
1. I have been mentally disturbed for the past two days.
2. Due to the fall of the antenna, the people around me have strongly condemned me
3. I am the person associated with the media. I have to stay connected to the news. The company ignored my demand. For this reason I could not see the news channels. This affected my work.
4. I have given around Rs 4000 to some people injured by Anantina falling.

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