No frequency of TMT 85 bus number from Bhiwandi (Narpoli) to Mulund, students suffer daily

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Consumer Complaint Date: June 22, 2022
  • Address: Narpoli
End number of passengers travel to mulund and thane. 85 bus from Bhiwandi to Mulund frequency is too less why so? Earlier people from different areas used to come to Narpoli now we have to travel to other areas to catch the buses. Traffic shouldn't be the excuse because these days traffic is not only in Bhiwandi but almost everywhere. And pls avoid short trips just because of traffic. It's the responsibility of driver and conductor to make us reach the destination but in that case they in between declare short trip to kalher or Purna....this is not done! Pllssss start and increase the frequency of buses of 85...from Bhiwandi Narpoli and from Mulund bus stop too.
Complaint Against / To: TMT bus higher authorities

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