If any shopkeeper misbehave with consumer.

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Consumer  Complaint Date : August 20, 2016

Many shopkeeper misbehave with consumer but consumer cannot do anything..! They do illegal thing's but police don't take any action bcz they give money to the police man... ! What to do in this Case..!

1) misbehavior
2) illegal

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    Shopkeeper misbehaves

    When I asked shopkeeper to wear mask and maintain social distancing is started yelling at me and abusing me also threatend me to slap me front of every one. Created a scene front of every one. Also I have notices one child labour at there shop.
    I will request you to contact me asap.

    My contact no. 9870176409

    November 26, 2020 Shilpa Prem Kumar


    i live in madhya Pradesh bhopal and a shop here in rama arcade (shop no. LG09) misbehaved with me and my mother by telling us that to shut our mouth and sit .He also said that we didn't give him money.

    July 17, 2018 abhirup dasgupta

    Owner Misbehaving with Customers, Selling expired products, and overpricing products

    Myself POOJA Singh stays in Mira Road East, there is a shop called Welcome beside my building Hub town Gardenia Phase 1 behind GCC Club Mira Road East, The shop owner is very rude and rigid to customers and even they charge product rates very high comparatively to the market price, they even supply milk and many other products expired and if u will go to shop to complaint they will revert that if u want to take it than its fine or else don't come.. Hoping for the positive revert and kindly take action against them

    March 30, 2018 Pooja Singh

    Complaint about shop keeper's misbehavior

    I was with my 5 year old son and went to a fruit juice shop, and asked for pine apple juice and took some cut pieces from the freezer which was very old, I can say with the colour, it had turned brown, so I told him in a very polite way to check and give as it is for my son, without no reason he threw the fruit and told me to get out and find a different shop. He kept on shouting and then I had to argue with him, but he started using bad languages and told that he is a big caste there and not to play with him, since I my son near me who was scared, I left from there.

    March 19, 2018 Suresh kumar

    Fleecing of customer by shopkeeper nr my locality

    Respected Sir\Madam This is to draw the attention that i am the resident of Guruvayur Trissur dist Kerala State . Nr my locality i work there is a General store Pioneer store it sell fancy item and stationary mobile recharge address West Nada Mudavathoor rd opp Ganapathy Bhavan hotel . when ever anybody goes to do the mobile recharge he never do Ec recharge below 50rs other shop do ,he is greedy . Once iwent to do the Bsl mobile recharge of my office mobile he force me to purchased the scratch prepaid Card the 1 no was missing he toldby assuming two times 11 or 14 digit no on card it was wrong and he want to sell trying to sell that card , i worked in loop mobile and Airtel mobile customer care so i knew if third time it will be wrong the cell will be block being office mobile when he told me to type third time i flatly refuse when i said the reason he treid to fool me he was ignorance about my past work profile he said noit will not happen i got angry and argued with him that i worked as a cust care in airtel and loop dont try to fool me he quietly did the ec recharge . my another 2 freind also he decieved him i guy lost 30 rs in mobile recharge and another friend was given a preactivated mobile coupon he dialedthe pin many time his mobile display was gone and he have to shell rs 200 for repair the mobile event though the recharge was not done pls look into this matter

    February 20, 2018 santosh

    Misbehaviour of a shopkeeper

    My neighbour Wanted to purchase a 4G smartphone ,so they went to their local retailer and purchased a smartphone and found that it is a 3G phone,when they complained about it ,they have done no exchange instead behaved very rudely and used bad languages,now feeling very helpless,what to do?

    February 13, 2017 Uday Kiran

    Charging money more than MRP

    Sir shopkeeper is charging money more than MRP.. WHAT can I do

    September 18, 2016 Sumeet Roy

    Shopkeeper misbehaviour

    I purchased salt packet of Rs.15/- n gave a 100 ruppee note to d shopkeeper. Instead, he in a very harsh language has asked for the change. When I told I don't have d change, he snatched d salt packet from my hands. He could have asked for it.

    September 18, 2016 Laju Nebhnani