Scamming by Uber and total lawless operations

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Car Service Complaint Complaint Date: February 10, 2024
Hello Sir/Madam,

It is time for the West Bengal Govt. to look into the total lawless operations of the Uber cabs (and other app cabs also)

1. Uber has started a new scam. They are showing a lesser fare while booking and then charging more as taxes. It never had been like that. They always charged what they showed while booking the cab. 

2. They are giving two invoices for the same trip. With different GST number and address.

3. Throughout the winter they offered A/C rides most of the time. They charged for A/C - but nobody uses A/C in winter.

4. Is it really right to auction the price of a trip for a public transport?

5. By always charging higher prices in name of "surge price" they are slowly increasing the fare of taxis. Now yellow cabs charge the same increased prices.

For many people in India taxis are an emergency mode of transport. The way these app cabs are charging it is becoming difficult to take a ride in case of emergency or urgency. 

It would be very helpful if the situation is brought under control and within affordability of common people.

Complaint Against / To: Uber India

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