Car Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo Vxi 2010 model caught Fire while driving and full damaged to fire on 17

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Car Service Complaint  Complaint Date : March 22, 2023
  • State :  Maharashtra
  • City :  Pune
  • Address: A3/105, Runwal Seagull Society, Handewadi Road, Hadapsar, Pune-411028, Maharashtra
I am old loyal customer of Maruti Suzuki owned 3 cars of Maruti: 1st Car-M800 – MH12CA7652 (2004 - 2nd owner), 2nd Car-Zen Estilo: MH12GF1026 (2010 - 1st owner), 3rd Car: Celerio MH12NP4309 (2016-1st owner). This case is regarding my Zen Estilo MH12GF1026 in which I have closely escaped Fatal situation,
Situation: I could have lost my life using my Car on 17th Jan’23 which caught on full fire within couple of minutes while I was driving the car alone to office on the road near Magarpatta Noble hospital. I was driving with ac on and glasses closed, I started smelling burning smell and smoke started to fill the car immediately and I started to suffocate. I was on bridge, I hold my breathe from poisonous smell, took car down the bridge and parked aside to not let others face any risk. Immediately opened the door and rushed out from car at 1:49pm, the car was filled with smoke (I have photo). By next minute the car was full on fire by 1:50 pm, I called 100 and requested fire brigade. Car was totally on fire by 1:53pm (I have video). The Fire brigade came to rescue by 2:03 pm, but by then the car was completely over and I have closely escaped. Frequently I leave my family, wife and 2 kids in the car with child lock on and go out for temporary work like bank or ATM or public toilets visits; during this time, if the incident would have happened, this could have been life threatening to my whole family, I could have lost my whole family to this situation which I cannot put to any price anyone can pay. I had just serviced my car Zen Estilo from ace Kudale, Manjari, Hadapsar, Pune on 23 Nov’22, paid Rs.21310/- service cost and mileage of car was 114979kms. After servicing, I may have driven not more than approximately 50kms as I am working from home. After I submitted my burnt car to Ace Kudale for further investigation, it took 2 months for me to receive report from Maruti, I understood that Maruti report says no manufacturing or quality defect, that means it can be design defect which can be functional safety issue which brought me close to death, can happen to anyone using Zen Estilo or similar cars from Maruti. I have got my car serviced from authorized service centers always (I have vehicle history) with no nonstandard accessories fitted in the car anytime as evident from Maruti Report.
Also to add, during Servicing on 23rd Nov’23, wiring was checked and probably repaired, bulb replaced, suspension replaced, rack pinion replaced. Key observation from my side, bulb and wiring repair was done on open street and not in garage which not sure if is within protocols of repair. Today I have no car, no clarity why my car burnt and the reason why I came close to losing my priceless life, lost my car which may be approximately 3 lacs. I want to know what next steps from Maruti for following
1) I have faced mental stress of losing life, scared to sit in car with family and worried of all Maruti customers life in public interest, how Maruti decides to correct design or quality or process of repair defect
2) The correction to be implemented immediately, or recalled all old Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo of 2010 batch as they can cause public loss of life similar to my situation
3) How am I suppose to get my loss repaid and mental harassment I went through on 17th Jan’23 because of the functional safety concern Maruti Zen Estilo 2010 batch carries in either design, manuf or quality or service protocols
4) The part of car burning was in local marathi news but I have personally not put this incidence in social media like facebook, Instagram, twitter being loyal to Maruti, do not intent to damage the image of such esteemed company, however I am worried about my loss of asset, shared the photos and video to Maruti Ace Kudale and through them I assume it has reached regional lead of Maruti Engineer - Dev[email protected] and I am Eagerly awaiting their response

Shahnawaz A Khan
Address:A3/105, Runwal Seagull Society, Handewadi Road, Hadapsar, Pune-411028, Maharashtra
Complaint Against / To: Maruti Suzuki

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