Bullying and abuse of passengers Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport by Customs Officials

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Bribe Complaint  Complaint Date : May 18, 2018

Complaint Against / To : ALOK MISHRA

My Wife Zebunisha Umarji and Son Ali Umarji flew in from Abhu Dhabi on Tuesday 15/05/2018 on the 1900hrs scheduled flight Etihad EY226.
When they entered the airport they were immediately targeted, surrounded and accosted by several Customs Officers led by Mr Alok Mishra, who, put My Family through, what they describe as hours of captive psychological torture and intimidation. They were intimidated, bullied, physically pushed around and threatened with a list of actions against them including FIR/arrest then imprisonment, passport confiscation, refusal of entry and deportation and confiscation of the jewellery My Wife was wearing. My Wife is a very ill woman, She is in constant pain and this situation and Mr Mishra put Her through hell.
My Family were detained for around 4 hours by these men with no let up and no hope of being allowed to leave, whilst Mr Mishra and colleagues demanded Rupees tens of thousands laughing and joking to His colleagues about the discomfort they were visiting on My Family . Repeated requests from My Son to speak to a Senior Officer was met with derision and delay, jostling and even more threats toward My Family. Several times during these requests by My Son, Mr Mishra told Him that He Alok Mishra was the Senior Customs Officer at the airport, in fact Mr Mishra claimed while pointing to His own uniform that there was no-one more senior than Himself.
For almost 4 hours My Son told Mr Mishra that He had not got tens of thousands rupees on Him, He only had about Rupees 8000 but Mr Mishra and Colleagues would not accept that, in the end They took all the money My Son had on Him and gave Him a receipt for excess baggage.
I have flown many times and been to many airports around the world, but never have I ever been charged for excess baggage at an arriving airport and besides, My Family were well WITHIN the baggage allowance for that flight and if there was a genuine claim for excess baggage why the horrific treatment?
I and the whole of Our Family feel sickened by their treatment. Their optimism in their opinion for the beautiful people and country of India has been permanently scarred.
It also does not look good for Indian Tourism when visits to this Great Historical country start off with this sort of ultimate negative experience

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