Cheating Enhance Clinic from Lucknow decided to transplant hair just to marry a girl

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Hospital Complaint  Complaint Date : March 13, 2018

Complaint Against / To : Enhance Clinic

I Abhishek from Lucknow decided to transplant hair just to marry a girl and save a relation but after gone through surgery things were changed just because of Fake commitments and information from your Clinic side. For the purpose, I have visited clinic first, on 24/09/17. That day Dr. Iva Pathak checked my scalp told me that she will graft minimum 3000 follicles on my head which will cover my whole bald scalp (Not very dense but with high density from start to low density on the back side.). And for that, she will charge Rs.51000/-
I said ok...
After a long R&D I got to know That Dr. Iva has a degree in homeopathy so I talked to her on phone... she told me that she also has done some courses related to same and only she will do my surgery I said ok. Paid the money and came to the clinic on 28/09/17 for surgery.

Surgery started after 9 am. and ended nearly 8 pm. during the day doc. came 3, 4 times in OT. but nothing is done with my scalp. after the exertion of follicles only drawn a line and told me that hairline will start from here and we will rope hairs from starting to till the end of baldness area. And not doc some persons from outside of clinic were doing my surgery.
But what as my surgery was completed and as I woke up from surgery chair...
I vomited 2 3 times... I was not able to breathe properly... I was feeling that something went wrong...
Doc. gave me a prescription and gone... After 5 min. the same above mentioned prob. started again but after some medicins and injection... I became normal. then I asked a technician who was transplanting the hair he stopped after covering only 25% to 30% area. He said no one told me to do full transplantation, what doc. told you I don't know... Come tomorrow and talk to the doc.
At that time Doc. was not there she left the clinic. only helping staffs and some attendant were there.
that day I left the clinic. but when the second Day I have checked my scalp all the probs. started-

1-Cheating-After checking my scalp again I came to know clinic/Doc. cheated on me. because they just transplanted hairs in 25% to 30% area of committed area. Some other clinic person told me that they just transplanted 1200 to 1500 follicles.

2- Irresponsible-They gave me time for the head wash in afternoon on 30/09/17. but what when I reached there in that condition (head with surgery) clinic was closed. I called them many times... but no response.
In evening I received a call from doc. then she told me that purchase an NS and wash your head with that.
So can you imagine that what will happen if you have to open our dressing by yourself after 2 days of surgery?

2- I thought that I should visit Doc for checkup and medicines. Even After taking appointment doc. was not there... So I just purchased medicines from clinic. and a boy re-washed my head.

3- I was trying to meet doc. but maybe she was ignoring the meeting. once we meet and I ask the doc. regarding fake commitment and all. she got aggressive. And without and the solid solution we finished.

4- As my PRP's were pending so I visited there for my PRP... Again Doc. was not there... A guy who was on reception call a person from outside he took my blood and after 40 min. the same guy started my PRP. Also, the same guy has given me first head wash...
So you can be imaging what can happen if a helping cabin crew allowed to fly a plan.

5- she hadn't given me any written consultation only a prescription of medicine on the photocopy of letterhead.

It's not just matter of money but also playing with the life of a patient.
I can't explain every the thing I have gone through.

till now I have many time visited the clinic... got to know that clinic was shut down and reopened after 2 months. When after reopening I visited there... everything was changed.. new doc. new staff, they have done my pending PRPs therapy but told me that can't do anything in this case... talk to management... And no one from management is not replying.
I submitted my complaint so late coz I was afraid that they will not complete my treatment as my PRP therapy was pending

NOw the clinic is not ready to take responsibility and compensate.

Cheating Enhance Clinic from Lucknow decided to transplant hair just to marry a girl Cheating Enhance Clinic from Lucknow decided to transplant hair just to marry a girl

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