Complain against security guards for harassing, P&M Hi-Tech City Centre Mall, jamshedpur

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Harassment Complaint  Complaint Date : December 3, 2018

Respected sir,

I, Sukanta Roy have booked two tickets from Paytm for 2.0 hindi movie at
pjp cinepolis Jamshedpur which is situated in your mall. We belong to mango far away
from p&m mall Bistupur, Our show was on 10:30am but fortunately we have reached early
at about 9:10 a.m. The security guards at entry of the mall have permitted us to enter
so we entered into the mall. And went to the pjp cinepolis,
the security guards of cinepolis told us to print our tickets and we did that but they
told the entry time will be before 15min from the show time. So we decided to go to the
cafeteria and have some snacks and went to the third floor from stairs,after just landing,
suddenly a man came to us very rudely and misbehaved with us that the entry time is 11a.m.
he questioned us by bad language"why have you come here?" "Here is many cameras,you know
the meaning of online?" Etc etc.
We just didn't say him anything. And by respecting his age we were going downwards.
But he didn't stop just continued and misbehaved with us by using bad words.
So we told him to behave fairly. Then many security guards came to us and forced fully
took us to the underground area. They took us to the "underground area" telling us
'that they were going to the authority'. But after reaching there, all the guards continuously
harassed us by bad languages, slang words and even I was beaten by one of them.
If I am telling you false, you can easily check the CCTV footage of p&m mall third floor
at about 9:10-9:30 a.m. That was the proof.
After that we were not in the mental condition for watching movie. And for this we cancelled
our plan and didn't watch the 2.0 movie though our money was gone. The tickets are attached with
the mail. you can check this.
If you have any responsibility , you have to take steps against
them(security guards from p&m mall Jamshedpur). Because behaving like that with common public(customer)
they represented their class badly, the mall badly, and obviously the whole entire state Jharkhand badly.

Thanks Sukanta Roy

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