To get refund, 2 lady from parinay setu marrige beuro indore

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Consumer Forum Complaint  Complaint Date : December 19, 2018
  • State :  Madhya Pradesh
  • City :  Indore
  • Address: Parinay Setu Marrige Beuro 81A, Sudama Nagar , Narendra Tiwari Marg ..Indore

Complaint Against / To : Parinay setu marrige beuro Indore

Respected members
Good morning
I m reena ..2 lady from parinay setu marrige beuro indore megha n pammi called me on phone continusely for 3 months...then on the behalf of me my brother did payment of 6000 rs by paytm in march to get the satisfied profile for my brother...but throughout the whole time they called me we r in a meeting for u after that they provide me some profils..all the profiles were not according to my requirement...i choose some numbers n called on that numbers ...but the first n the last talk was...i dont know..not interested..on the phone one told me that no not interested the marrige talk of our girl is going on..this was awkward....when i ..asked for the LICENCE they didnot show us the licence...plzz..its a kind request...i want my refund they didnot provide good services...or gave me eitherthe fake numbers or incorrect numbers...n may be possible they dont have licence i asked they didnot show the licence yet
Sometime before when i called them ...sonal pick up the phone n told me..this is not parinay setu..this is perfect marrihe beuro...we started just now...they is not a hood thing.I have every proof with me....their emil ID is

[email protected]

Can anybody help me to ge my refund plzz help me u can email me on my email adderess
[email protected]

Thanking you

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