Complain Disconnection of Airtel mobile number 8800240278 ( lifelong valid)

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Consumer Court  Complaint Date : February 20, 2018

Sim No. 8991101706116332588U.Was taken to Australia on 13 Jul 2017
Last Recharge : Done for 200/- (appx) through Axis bank online in Jul 2017
Validity : Lifelong
Alternate Number 9958089543

My a/m mobile number was disconnected on 23 Dec 2017.The reason given was no paid activity for 90 days and insufficient balance for deduction of 20/- p.m for inactivity
I have the following to state in this regard:
1. My Sim had lifelong validity. How can it be disconnected due to ANY reason
2. I was not made aware of any such rules that if no paid activity is done on Sim then it will be disconnected
OR that 20/- will be deducted p.m for inactivity. Airtel still is unable to forward details of such secret regulations, which every consumer should be made aware.
3. The Sim was last used on 10 Nov 2017 to check messages and mail.So as per me the Sim was clearly in use till 10 Nov.
4. No warning or notice was served regarding disconnection through email or alternate number or residential address or SMS ( till 10 Nov). Airtel claims it sent an SMS on inactive Sim which doesn't make sense. Why take down all such info if it is not used when most required.
5. I had appx 200/- as balance. Even if Airtel deducts 20/- p.m( without informing), still it would have lasted for 10 months. Airtel has refused to give details of such deduction.
6. My same mobile number has been allotted to another consumer almost immediately after disconnection from my account. This is a grave security threat to my finances as all my bank accounts, my Aadhar details, IT details are linked to mobile. I was shocked to know that while operating net banking , my OTP will be received by the new subscriber.
7. In today's scenario, a mobile number is linked to all important institutions and business centres/job applications. It has become the life line of everyone. It's loss itself is a shock and on top of it allotting the same number to another party causes immense harassment and job loss.

In this regard I request
(a) Withdraw this Sim from the new customer and issue him/ her different Sim.The new owner will also benefit as he/ she will start getting unnecessary calls as the Sim was in use very recently
(b) The same Sim may be reactivated for me since it is lifelong valid.
(c) If not then please provide compensation for the unnecessary harassment and trouble created for me.

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