Complain against Renault Finance for Mental Harrasment

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Consumer Court  Complaint Date : March 8, 2018

Complaint Against / To : Renault Finance


This is to bring to your kind notice that I have been mentally harrased by Renault Finance,

I bought a Renault Kwid in December 2017 and opted for a loan through Renault Finance. The loan was approved and I was delivered the car through the Renault Okhla Showroom on 14th December 2017.

On 24th Jan 2018 I called Mr. Sadeem (sales representative) through whom I had bought the car to inform that the installment had not been presented for the month, he confirmed with someone and called me back on the 25th of January 2018 to say that the file was not sent to the head office and hence the installment was not presented, he also assured that it would be presented automatically as soon as the internal procedure was completed and asked me not to worry. I requested him to have the schedule and loan documents be sent to me and he assured that he would forward the message to the concerned department and they will have it sent to me.

Around the 10th of February 2018, my father whose number I had shared as a reference receives a call from the Renault collections team that my installment was outstanding for the month of January 2018 and that the account was in collections for that installment, I was shocked to hear it, my husband spoke to the representative of Renault Finance and asked on what date was the installment presented to which the lady confirmed that it was never presented but still the account was in collections, it was hard to understand the concept.

My husband spoke to Mr. Sadeem regarding this and he spoke to a Ms. Vanya Mehrotra (senior to Mr. Sadeem) and explained the case to her, I received an email from her on the 13th of February 2018 sharing the neft details to make the payment, I immediately replied to her asking a confirmation that my CIBIL score would not be negatively effected due to this and I would not be charged any late payment fees for this installment, I have been getting a runaround since then.

On the 25th of February 2018 I spoke to Mr. Sadeem again and he said that Ms. Vanya wanted me to register a complaint with the customer service regarding this and he shared the customer service email so I wrote a complaint to them but did not receive a response.

Suddenly, on the 7th of March 2018 my father again received a call from the collections department even after my husband had shared his number in the previous conversation with this collection agent she still directly calls my father, I am assuming that this is just a Harrasment tactics that the collections opt.

My husband again spoke to Mr. Sadeem and he suggested that I call the customer service and he shared the toll free number, my husband called them and asked for same two things to be sent in writing that my CIBIL should not be effected negatively and no late payment charges be levied, the agent (Ms. Nadha) asks for 24 hrs and assures to get back to my husband with a confirmation after consulting her seniors.

On 8th of March 2018 she calls back my husband and informed that there was a correction on the cheque and hence it could not be presented in Jan 2018, now this was a entirely new story, my husband replied that the cheques we're filled by the executives of Renault and I had only signed them, to which she replied she can only share the bank details to make the payment and cannot give anything in writing and even though assures verbally that no charges will be levied and CIBIL will not be effected but says she cannot give it in writing, on insisting she suggested to talk to the showroom executives as it was third mistake and Renault Finance is not liable for it, but for me as a customer Renault Showroom and Renault Finance are the same and It was third internal matter but she was firm to her words.

I would request you to intervene and resolve this matter, I have never denied payment but am only looking to save my interests as I would not want my CIBIL be negatively impacted nor would I want to be charged any penalty for mistakes of others.

Sumati Malhotra

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