Apex Service Center - Faulty RO service with fake spare parts

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Consumer Court  Complaint Date : February 7, 2019

Complaint Against / To : Apex Service Center

I had asked for servicing my RO. The boy(His Number: 9315339715) who came was extremely arrogant and rude. Since my RO was continuously making a long beep sound, I asked him to check, about the issue with RO. He opened and checked my RO. Upon his inspection he told that all the filters need to be changed and without even asking us and started changing the filters and membrane. I asked him about his identity, for which he told, that he is from Kent service center. He changed all the filters and membrane and UV tube and did some changing with the wirings and once the RO started working, he started packing it back, he told, that not to use RO for one complete fill up, and to use it from second fill up. Then he prepared the bill of Rs.6800(For which he gave duplicate filters, duplicate and old membrane, and small UV tube, AMC for 1 year), for which we paid him, Rs.6800 and then he left. After emptying it for first complete fill up, the RO stopped working and was not making any noise. I called him, to ask him, what went wrong, to which he answered, that he need to replace a UV tube, which he is going to bring from Delhi office within 1 hour. I called him, repeatedly and made almost around 500+ calls, but he didn’t answer any call and blocked my number. Upon complaining the same to Apex Service Center, they first listened to our complain and then disconnected the call and then blocked the number. And till today I am calling them they are not picking up the phone. Please help me to get refund of my money, as my RO is dead till date and I have lost Rs.6800

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Apex Service Center - Faulty RO service with fake spare parts

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