Complaint DG services threatening for money

  • Demand money on the name of notice - DG Services, Latur Maharastra - DG services threatening for money
    Ritika singh on 2018-09-11 15:02:24

    Sir , I got a call regarding work from home and I thought it would be a good idea to work from home. They said we will send u an online contract on email. Before doing any contract i thought i should read about this companies review , and the internet was litterally littered with complaints of similar fraud cases.I told them the same day that I am not doing it and they said its OK if you don't .. I opened that contract to read only but never signed it , now they are mailing me continuously that I have signed it and did not do their work so I have to pay a penalty of 8500 today, and if I fail they will charge 50000 .. I have never got any work material even to work on..they never sent me any work to do and demanding a penalty for no reason .. Should I go to local police to file a case ?