Complaint against SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR for withdrawal of deposited money

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Banks Complaint  Complaint Date : September 18, 2016

Dear Sir,

Myself Shri Narayan Shrivastava has deposited my money in Sahara india Patna branch.I am retired 3.5 years back in the year 2013.I have a daughter(30 yrs old) for marriage. Her marriage is fixed but for finishing my responsibility i need the money deposited at Sahara India Patna Branch.I am under crucial condition as i dont have sufficient money to complete the marriage function. If the withdrawal of the deposited money will be possible i can finish the responsibility and the marriage(November).

I am already 64 yrs old and my health is also not good(diabitic since last 16 yrs).My wife is also under tretament of high blood pressure.

Kindly do the needful and help me in withdrawal of deposited money so that a father can succesfully finish his responsibility.

In the hope of Positve response.

Shri Narayan Shrivastava



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    Maturity policy amount not given.

    Respect sir,
    I would like to inform that,my self Bhikari Dandasena,i have investment in Sahara "GOLD COIN" policy on 22/06/2012(Account NO:-64274700031) at branch office GUNUPUR( Code-6427)Dist.-Rayagada, ODISHA. The bond have already matured and i submits the required document on 14/11/2017 but the Sahara India branch manager told that due to Non-availability of funds(confuse of gold coin or cash), we are unable to pay your maturity amounts. I have an urgent need of money for the marriage of my sister.

    Therefore i kindly request you to take necessary action towards the same.

    July 29, 2018 Bhikari Dandasena

    Record not match

    lam Ajit kumar Nath memberof sahara burla branch till 2012 .lhave deposit @300 per month by agent some receipts are prove for this case but the office record say that not sufficent balance and you are diffelder

    July 10, 2018 AJIT KUMAR NATH

    Complaint against SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR for withdrawal of deposited money

    मै Shivanand yadav 'सहारा इन्डिया' मे हमने पैसा जमा किया 3साल के लिए अपनी पत्नी Neelam Devi के नाम पर जिसका certificate न.304003829394 ,95,96,97,98 है total 100000/- 3साल 13-01-2018 मे पुरा हो गया तो हमने बताया तो मैनेजर ने बोला कि अभी दो महिने का वक्त लगेगा

    आपके सहारा ऑफिस का पता
    दुर्गावती (सहारा ब्रांंच) 6402
    जिला - कैमुर (भभुआ)
    राज्य - बिहार
    पिन कोड - 821105

    तो हमने मान लिया उसके बाद हम 6महिने बाद हमने अपने पैसे के लिए दुबारा बोला और फोन पर भि बात हुई जब हमारी मैनेजर से बात हुई उन्होने बोला कि आपका पैसा नही मिलेगा और मिलेगा भि तो 20-25 दिन टाईम लगेगा और बोला कि अगर मिलेगा तो आधा पैसा सहारा इन्डिया मे फिर से जमा करना होगा

    हमारा पता
    ग्राम - डहला
    थाना + पोष्ट - दुर्गावती
    जिला - कैमुर
    पिन 821105
    मो. 9612219851

    July 1, 2018 Neelam Devi

    Payment issue

    My self raja
    From Khargupur Gonda
    I have deposited money
    When I want withdraw my Amount
    Very bad miss behaving by branch manager
    And Staff of shara India branch
    Very wrost behavior by cumpter operater
    Says that...chote customer ki koi value nai Hai,Paisa chahiye to aaya Karo nai to bhaad me jao since three months I am running
    Very bad experience by Sahara India pariwar
    I think Sahara India pariwar is looting people

    June 20, 2018 Raja

    Complaint against sahara

    I have a fix deposit with sahara india, now it's maturity has completed but my Sahara agent denied to withdraw, any saying that, "Q Shop scheme has closed, you have to convert you plan into sahara housing for three years then you get amount. But I don't want to extend it any more but he saying that there is no any way to withdraw your amount, plz suggest some way.

    May 29, 2018 Pardeshi kumar bhuiya