Disconnected my line without knowing the issue and then not accepting their mistake

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Airtel Complaint  Complaint Date : July 18, 2019

Complaint Against / To : Airtel Pathetic services


This is with regards to my contact no 9892545676. Which i have been using for over a year now. This number was taken under Airtels family plan where i can add another number at no extra cost. My primary number being (9892547070). I had raised a complain to disconnect the number on 13th June 2019. To which i visited the Airtel Gallery and they took my request and they also asked me to have a email sent requesting to disconnect the number. Airtel took 22 days to take in the request to have the same disconnected after numerous follow ups and complains raised to them on social media.

I they then went ahead and disconnected the number by separating my number from the family plan and converting it into a individual number. I have both the number taken under my name and ID. post which they have barred my number and i am not able to make calls i again had to follow up with airtel where they have said that the verification has failed.

I had informed them that the verification would fail as i am currently not in my home network and i am traveling out of the city for work purpose i would only be available on my home network in 6 months times. They have said that then nothing can be done as we need to re verify. I also asked them if i could visit the local gallery here and resubmit the documents and have them restart the services to which they have informed that it wont be possible. I they are only insisting on me making the payment and not bothered about the issues that i have face due to my number being barred. Even at the start i was not informed that this would be the process if i have to disconnect my number if i was informed about the same i would not have disconnected the number as i am aware that i am traveling and wont be available.

I have also informed them that because of their incomplete information and lack of information i have to go ahead take a new number inform all my contacts that the number have changed go to the banks to have my number changed all my documents that the number is linked to specially Aadhar Card. Such kind of careless behavior the company has towards a customer who has been with them fora long time. I have always had my payments done on timely basis and never defaulted on the same, i had also requested them to convert the number to prepaid so i could continue using it and not have to undergo so much of stress and once i am back on the home network would have the same changed back to post paid where i can have the verification done. But they dont seem to understand and only insist that i make payment and nothing else can be done. Are they really here to help or they are only interested in taking customers money and not provide service to them. I had also insisted they provide me with complain number to which they havent given me any of them. This company has co-operated with a customer that has been loyal and had no issues for years.

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