Fraud in gas charging in split AC

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Service Center Complaint  Complaint date : August 28, 2017
  • Region :  Jharkhand
  • City :  Jamshedpur
  • Address: Flat No. 107,, Baradwari Supervisor Flat, Sakchi

I, Rajesh Kumar Choudhary S/o Late Shri Ravindra Nath Choudhary want to state that on the last week of June 2017, I called to M/s. Penguin Cool Service, Bhuiyadih, Jamshedpur (authorised Service Centre of Hitachi) stating that my Hitachi Split Air Conditioner perhaps needs servicing because it takes time to cool. After that a technician of Penguin Cool Service name Mukul visited my flat and did inspection and told me that AC has to be serviced as well as approx. 40% gas would be top up. Mukul also told me that total charge will be Rs.1,300/-. On 02.07.2017, Mukul came along with Abhishek another technician of M/s. Penguin Cool Service. They did service and purged gas in AC and show me the gas pressure as 63 psi in running condition of AC but I was unaware about the pressure of AC. Therefore, I made payment of Rs. 1,300/- to them against the bill receipt no. 218 of M/s. Penguin Cool Service.
After few days by I came to know that normal gas pressure of split AC is 75 to 80 psi in running condition. Therefore, I called service centre to charge some more gas and make pressure at least 70 to 75 psi. After several calls at service centre as well as on Mukul’s mobile (7631817735), Mukul came on 15.07.2017 made the pressure 72 psi in running condition of AC. When he made the pressure of 72 psi my elder brother Shri Binod Kumar Chaudhary took photos of the pressure gauge to show me the actual pressure what they had made as on that time I was not present in my flat.
Due to rainy days and subsequently my son got sick, AC was not used till 28.07.2017. On 29.07.2017, I visited Sonari Airport along with my family to see exhibition of Aeroplane and helicopter on the occasion of Bharatratna Shri J R D Tata birth anniversary and its very hot day. After returning from the Sonari Airport we started AC but air which was being thrown by AC is not give cooling effect it was very normal. We made temperature of AC minimum and tried all mode but effectiveness of AC was not achieved. I immediately called Mukul at around 02:49 pm on his mobile and after that Penguin Cool Service centre. Mukul said that he will visit tomorrow but he did not come. Hence again I called Penguin Cool Service centre on the morning of 31.07.2017. This time (on 31.07.2017) Abhishek came along with an another technician for inspection of AC. After inspection Abhishek told me that compressor oil has come in the gas line therefore AC is not working properly. Further, Abhishek told that for solving this problem you have to pay Rs.1,800/-. I did not agree for the payment demanded by Abhishek because as per the servicing done by M/s. Penguin Cool Service centre my AC was in under one month warranty period. And my warranty period was up to 02.08.2017. Again, I asked Abhishek how compressor oil came into the gas line; he replied due to high pressure of gas which was made by Mukul as per your request on 15.07.2017 this is happened. I asked him how much pressure Mukul was made on 15.07.2017 after my request he said 80 psi. I told him it is a wrong statement because on 15.07.2017 we made only 72 psi and I have an evidence for this.
Later on I came to know that this problem arises due to air had been purged instead of gas as gas cylinder also carries some percentage of air. And to increase the gas pressure Mukul deliberately purged air instead of gas on 15.07.2017 for saving the cost of the gas. After several calls at Penguin Cool Service centre they never entertained this matter properly and told that owner Mr. Mithilesh has gone to CMC Vellore for his treatment and when he come back then he will see the matter. Mukul not entertained my maximum phone calls and some-times he pick up the phone and gives me a date and time that he will solve the problem and finally he never came to my flat for solving the problem. On 23.08.2017, I called him on several time but he did not pick up the phone then I sent him a SMS describing that I lodged a FIR against you. After sending SMS I again called him then he picked up the phone and told me that I will not do maintenance/repair of your AC because now your warranty period is also crossed. Before Mukul disconnecting the phone he told me unparliamentarily language. I have the several phone records including the unparliamentarily language told by Mukul and I can produce the same if it will require.

Fraud in gas charging in split AC Fraud in gas charging in split AC

Complaint by : Rajesh Kumar Choudhary

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    Consumer complaint's reply and reviews

    Hitachi August 31, 2017

    Dear Rajesh Kumar Choudhary,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please share your mobile number/complaint number with us at [email protected] We assure you we will look into this right away.

    Team Hitachi

    Hitachi September 8, 2017

    Dear Rajesh Kumar Choudhary,

    We hope your concern has been addressed as per your convenience. Further, please get back to us at [email protected] with your new service request number if the issue still persists.

    Team Hitachi