Complaint against Searchline Database Pvt Ltd for its very confusing

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Complaint  Complaint date : October 17, 2016

My review for Searchline Database Pvt Ltd....

After listening their plan and reading the lots of public reviews/complaints/comments,
I realised that its very confusing...!!!

1) They do no proceed without security deposit. If they are willing to work with the people, then there is no need to collect any kind of money from the working people, its too difficult to understand.
2) They explain all the things as per their plan but actual work is too difficult to be complete. We cant easily read out the hand-written text in images which they show us, then how will you type it with 100% accuracy. There are lots of mistakes in image and so you can not complete all of your work in time and accurately. There are many chances that you can not complete it in time and so they will refuse your claim and in this way they stole your money in name of security deposit.
3) If payment gets late OR if there is deduction in actual payment, you can not do anything further. Even they do not show any kind of official slip/governmental statement if there is TDS deducted as same amount of deduction. (if is it so...)
4) There is much unreliability with software as it reports multiple mistakes even after you submit your work with full accuracy without a single mistake. Again this is difficult to complaint against these drawbacks of web-based software.
5) As they knows that common people of India, can not afford to file the complaint against them and run the case in court to earn the few thousands. And if anybody dare for this, so legal agreement is totally prepared considering their interests only. So we do not have chance to make legal complaints against them on the basis of agreement.

So finally I concluded that this is the way to collect money from public in the name of Security Deposit/TDS deduction and multiple mistakes in your submitted work. They gain lot with showing these reasons as incomplete work or multiple mistake as they need not to pay OR pay little for it. And they pay few people as per the plan, its only for running and maintaining the public trust towards the organisation.
The function of books conversion from text to audio, is only for showing purpose to maintain the trust in industry but their main intention is to run the unreliable plans and earn revenue by cheating like this...

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